New 2019 Dodge Challenger Coupes in Liberty, NY

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, you are well aware that insuring your purchase is a necessity. What you may not be aware of is the benefits of GAP coverage to ensure you receive the full value of your loan should the unthinkable happen.

GAP - short for Guaranteed Asset Protection - coverage is needed when the balance of your loan is greater than the book value of your car, a common issue for many vehicles, especially new. If your car is wrecked and totaled without GAP coverage in this situation, you will receive less money than you owe, and will have to cover the balance yourself. GAP insurance is there to pay that difference in value, so you can get up and running with another new vehicle quickly.

As cars depreciate rapidly during their lifespan, GAP coverage is essential to make sure you are not left writing checks for a car you no longer drive! If you are shopping for new cars in Liberty, NY, we invite you to come down to M & M Chrysler Jeep & Dodge to have a look at our inventory. When you find the vehicle right for you, it will be our pleasure to set up GAP coverage to give you total piece of mind.
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