New 2019 Dodge Challenger Coupes in Liberty, NY

In these harsh winter months finding traction in the snow and ice can be difficult. There are three popular methods salt, sand and kitty litter.

  • Salt does melt ice in temperatures above 12 degrees, but is a danger to the plants and animals around it. Salt is also expensive and often difficult to find.
  • It is suggested to keep kitty litter in your vehicle. Kitty litter is great when vehicles get stuck in snow. It gives traction while absorbing water. But you do not want to use kitty litter on your driveway. When it absorbs too much water it becomes a big stick mess that is difficult to clean up in large amounts.
  • Sand is wonderful on driveways. It creates traction and is not difficult to clean up. At the same time, it does not harm the environment when used. Another major plus for sand is that it is cheap and easy to find when needed.
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