New 2019 Dodge Challenger Coupes in Liberty, NY

If you are experiencing a car that is pulling to one side of the road or another, especially at higher speeds, there is a good chance that your vehicle's alignment has fallen out of its safe range.

Alignments are one of the most overlooked aspects of car care. It is all too easy for a driver to brush off a slight pull to one side or a vibration at higher speeds, especially when considering that they may have to spend a couple hundred dollars getting their car serviced. But not taking care of a bad alignment is a serious mistake that not only will end up costing you dearly down the road, it is also a serious risk to the safety of your vehicle's occupants.

Our dealership, located in Liberty, NY, has more experience than anyone else in the area with doing alignments. Keep your car safe. Come in a let us check out your alignment today.

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